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March 31, 2021

6 Creative Virtual Networking Ideas for Your Online Event

Have you considered how using virtual networking ideas can make your event more exciting? You probably may have. But the problem is that many businesses don’t know how to manage a virtual networking session. Their big question: Can virtual networking mimic networking in physical events like the old days? The answer is: Yes, it can. But as a business running a virtual event, you need to be aware that it will be a different experience. Virtual networking can be great if […]
March 10, 2021

8 Creative Ideas for Virtual Recruiting Events

Virtual recruiting, employment branding, and hiring events can help your company attract top talent and evaluate candidates. These virtual events not only let you assess a candidate’s soft skills but also allow you to judge their suitability for your company before hiring them. Once you understand if they’re the right fit, these events also allow you to better prepare them for the day-to-day experience and help them understand the company culture. Here is a list of creative virtual recruiting event ideas to help your company discover top talent.   Virtual Networking Mixer  Hosting a […]