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Virtual Business Matchmaker

Strategize targeted virtual meetings between buyers and suppliers

Buyers and suppliers can now conduct meetings online from the comfort of their office or home with the Virtual Fusions Business Matchmaker (VBM)!

The Virtual Fusions customizable business matchmaker room is carefully designed for attendees to select from a list of matchmaker sessions they want to attend. All presentations can include audio, video, slides, screen sharing and recording, and multiple matchmakers can be held simultaneously in different rooms.

Key features include:

  • Conduct one-to-one or one-to-many meetings
  • Have face-to-face calls using an intuitive interface
  • Join meetings from a laptop, tablet or phone
  • Send meeting invites and re-invite attendees
  • Turn off camera, mute and adjust other meeting settings
  • Multiple matchmakers can be held simultaneously
  • Sponsor branding area
  • ...and much more!

Why Virtual Business Matchmaking?

  • Around the clock meetings: Conduct meetings any day, any time! Having 24/7 365 day meetings means that contracting opportunities can happen any time, and anywhere without being restricted to a physical location.
  • Save time, save money: Participants can meet face-to-face with each other virtually, avoiding the hassle of travel time, accommodation costs and taking one or more days out of their busy schedule.
  • Automated targeted matches: Virtual Fusions Business Matchmaker (VBM)'s unique algorithm automatically selects the best possible matches by business category, product, service, industry codes and more finding the best most targeted matches on autopilot.
  • Multiple supplier meetings: Buyers, corporates and primes can conduct one-to-one or one-to-many face to face meetings - meaning they can meet with just one supplier or multiple suppliers in one virtual call.
  • Premium support: In order to give event creators and attendees all the tools they need to deliver a world class business matchmaker, Virtual Fusions has developed resources to assist in the creation, presentation and execution of the Virtual Business Matchmaker (VBM).

Supplier matchmaker features include:

  • Meet with buyers as per your schedule and specified time slots
  • Matchmakers may be live one-to-one or one-to-many sessions
  • See a countdown to each of your meeting times
  • Enter the meeting room when your meeting time arrives
  • Echo test to confirm audio is working
  • Turn off camera, mute and other meeting controls
  • ...and much more!

Buyer matchmaker features include:

  • “Participants list” panel to see a list of all the suppliers you are scheduled to meet with
  • Suppliers enter and leave the room as per their specified time slots
  • Echo test to confirm audio is working
  • Turn off camera, mute and other meeting controls
  • Survey function to leave feedback
  • ...and much more!

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