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Workshops and Keynotes

Run Scheduled Workshops and Live Keynote Sessions

Host virtual workshops, webinars and keynotes that can be live or pre-recorded, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Sessions can also be recorded and added to your virtual library.

The Virtual Fusions customizable workshop and keynote rooms are carefully designed for attendees to select from a list of workshops and plenary sessions they want to attend. All presentations can include audio, video, slides, screen sharing and recording, and multiple presentations can be held simultaneously in different rooms.

Key features include:

  • Echo test to confirm audio is working
  • Interactive presentation area and multi-user whiteboard
  • Public and private chat for all attendees
  • Moderator access-only controls
  • Multiple presentations can be held simultaneously
  • Listen-only mode for attendees
  • Polls, breakout rooms and more!

Why Virtual Workshops and Keynotes?

  • Lowered attendee costs: Attendees no longer have to worry about expensive tickets and hotel stays. Even smaller business owners with limited budgets can purchase tickets and attend your virtual event.
  • Time-savings: Virtual workshops and keynotes are incredibly time efficient. Attendees simply connect at the time of the session they wish to attend, as they’re only a click away.
  • Reduced event costs: For event planners the cost-savings can be huge. By running virtual workshops, webinars and small to large-scale keynote sessions, you no longer have to worry about renting a conference space, hiring staff, security personnel, catering, signage and much more.
  • Run corporate workshops: Hosting virtual workshops by corporate partners can showcase them as thought leaders and solution providers, allowing them to hit on their strategic goals while providing value to attendees.
  • Never miss a session: At in-person events attendees often find themselves wishing they could attend many different sessions, but there are often time conflicts and overlaps, and they need to pick one or the other. Virtual conferences can offer recorded, on-demand access to sessions so your attendees don’t need to miss a thing!
  • Attract high-demand speakers: Renowned speakers often don’t have to time to commit to an in-person event; however, they may be happy to jump online for a quick keynote session or agree to do a pre-recorded video for your event.
  • Premium support: In order to give event creators and attendees all the tools they need to deliver a world class keynote and workshop, Virtual Fusions has developed resources to assist in the creation, presentation and execution of Workshop and Keynote Presentations.

Keynote features include:

  • Customizable keynote/auditorium room
  • Live and pre-recorded keynote sessions
  • Choose from a list of sessions you want to attend
  • Sponsor branding area
  • Record live sessions
  • Moderator and host controls
  • Scalability for small and large events
  • ...and much more!

Workshop features include:

  • Customizable workshop room
  • Live and pre-recorded workshop sessions
  • Choose from a list of sessions you want to attend
  • Sponsor branding area
  • Record live workshops
  • Moderator and host controls
  • Scalability for small and large workshops
  • ...and much more!

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